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Who we are:

RCL Touch, a section of Rugby Club Luxembourg, was created to promote Touch Rugby in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. We welcome everyone - guys, girls, young, old, beginners, advanced - we have something for everyone and we have fun doing it! RCL Touch Training sessions are held every Tuesday from 730pm-930pm and occasionally on Sundays from 10:30am - 12:30pm. Our training/playing ground is the 279 Rue des Sports, Stade Boy Konen, Cessange, L-1321. Open to all ages, nationalities, genders and levels, come down and discover this great sport akin to rugby league, which is often played in mixed teams. To get regular updates and alerts about our trainings or for more information, email us at: luxembourgtouch@gmail.com  


 “Touch” is commonly known as Touch Rugby or Touch football depending on which part of the world you are from. Originally created in Australia, where there are over 700,000 registered players, “Touch” is a Rugby based sport, whose rules are closest to rugby league that rugby union. Players stop the opposing team’s player by simply touching them, not tackling them as in full contact rugby. There are 6 payers on each side and each team has 6 Touches to score a Try.  While many forms of Touch are often played as part of Rugby Union and League coaching, it should first and foremost be considered as a complete all-round sport in its own right with its own International Federation (https://www.internationaltouch.org).  Since 2011, Luxembourg has regularly sent Mens and Mixed teams to both World Cups and European Championships, providing the opportunity to experience world class amateur sport.


As such Touch brings together a mixture of players: men, women and children, and has specific activities (trainings, competition, codes, cultures…). In Luxembourg, this activity is currently being structured and developed: a new sporting discipline is taking shape. It can be played at all ages and brings together both genders, which really makes it a family-friendly sport, for all nationalities.


What do we do:

• Introduction to Touch Rugby

• Open Training sessions

• Talent and Player development

• Coaching and refereeing sessions

Rugby Club de Luxembourg
279 Rue des Sports
1321 Luxembourg
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