Detailed report of the Uganda Children's Rugby Tour trip by Andrew and Sam

26th April 2024

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Detailed report of the Uganda / Kenya trip sponsored by The RCL Social Fund - supporting community projects at home and abroad.

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Andrew Byekwaso Sports Uganda and RCL Disciplinary Committee

Triumph on the Field and for Conservation: Kenya-Uganda Children's Rugby Tour (March 30 – April 3, 2024)

In a remarkable blend of sportsmanship and environmental stewardship, a children's rugby team from African Sports Hub, Nairobi, Kenya embarked on a tour to Uganda, leaving an indelible mark both on the field and in conservation efforts.

Led by passionate coaches and supported by The Rugby Club of Luxembourg (RCL) and SportsUganda Ltd UK, dedicated parents, these young athletes journeyed across the border, not just to compete but also to contribute positively to their neighbouring communities. Beyond the thrill of the game, the tour was infused with a spirit of conservation, highlighting the importance of environmental sustainability.

On the rugby pitch, the team showcased remarkable skill and determination, running admirable straight lines on the pitch and forging friendships along the way. But it was their off-field endeavours that truly set them apart. Partnering with the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre (UWEC) ( and Lukango Tree Conservancy (LuTreeCo) ( and local Primary Schools, the team engaged in various initiatives aimed at protecting Uganda's rich biodiversity (Growing the minimum 5 species – including the Covid Vaccine producing plants).

From tree planting campaigns to wildlife habitat restoration projects, these young players rolled up their sleeves and immersed themselves in the vital work of conservation, planting and growing trees; clearing plastic and hazardous waste from the fields of play. Their efforts served as a powerful reminder that sports can be a catalyst for positive change, transcending boundaries, and inspiring communities to unite for a common cause.

As the tour ended, the children returned home not just as rugby players but also as ambassadors for conservation. Their journey exemplified the transformative power of sports, illustrating how teamwork, resilience, and a commitment to environmental stewardship can create lasting impact beyond the confines of the playing field.

The Kenya-Uganda children's rugby tour stands as a shining example of what can be achieved when passion meets purpose. It serves as a beacon of hope, inspiring young athletes everywhere to not only pursue excellence in sports but also to be champions for the planet, ensuring a brighter and greener future for generations to come.

Samuel Imbwaga Coach with African Rugby Sports Hub and former RCL exchange student.

Uganda is a country in East Africa. It is bordered by Kenya from the East, Tanzania and Rwanda in the South, DRC in the West and South Sudan in the North. Luckily, we were invited by the Uganda Rugby Sports Organization sponsored by Rugby Club of Luxembourg for a 5 Day rugby cultural exchange tour.
It was on 29th/03/2024 “Easter” when we boarded a bus to Uganda the journey was so enjoyable it takes us about 18 Hours from Kenya to Uganda. When we arrived there, we found our host waiting for us at the bus stage giving us good reception, interact with them before leaving. At 6:30pm we arrive at the hotel it looks like a five-star hotel in Uganda called Entebbe Flight Hotel where we were given spacious rooms where bed and breakfast were catered for.

At 9:30am we arrived at KYADONDO RUGBY CLUB where we met with the other teams where we had a match and we won 26-5 against KYADONDO RUGBY. Later in the evening we had a session of interaction, bonding, exchanging skills, having fun rugby and rope skipping challenge together. I met up with Uganda rugby referees exchanging ideas about the game.

On Monday, we went for a visit at a place called Musambwaga where we were to meet with the Army Primary school to have a session and tournament together, but unluckily the weather was not friendly to us due to heavy rains which forced us to postponed the program to the following day four.
On the next day four the weather condition was still not friendly but we manage to have a rugby clinic for under 12 boys and under 15 girls, then after they came together for a mixed-up match.
I met up with Mr. and Mrs. Andrew from Luxembourg and Uganda national team girls captain (Madam Peac
On our last day in Uganda, we went for a visit in Uganda wildlife service Zoo where we had fun and opportunity to see and learn different species of animals that were rescued.
Later that afternoon, we visited the nearby primary school for tree planting activity, learn about environment conservation where we were taught five different species of tree that the school plants.