RCL Sponsors

RCL Social Fund and Community Work

RCL and the sport of Rugby plays an important role in the lives of its players and families but also the wider community.  For many years RCL has been involved in community projects including Rugby Lessons at Dreiborn Youth Offenders and Touch Rugby and Rugby Classes at Schrassig Prison.
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More recently RCL has offered free entrance to our Rugby Camps to refugees and also runs introduction to Rugby sessions at local Foyers for children and young men and women. RCL has reacted to the crises in Ukraine and has offered free membership and help with transport costs for refugees wishing to train and play regularly.
On a wider scale RCL sponsored 4 boys from Fiji and 2 from Kenya to play and study in Luxembourg in 2018. The relationship has led to several trips to Fiji and Kenya to donate equipment and build relationships. The RCL Social fund has helped two of the boys to gain qualifications and take driving lessons which will to help them to find employment.
Currently RCL Community Officer James Ruatta is finding solutions to facilitate access to Rugby for girls and young women. The Base Layer and sports bras collected in Luxembourg are then distributed to players in Nairobi. This simple solution makes a big difference to sports participation amoung young women.