Most likely, Rugby is not the first sport that comes to mind when thinking about a sport for a girl. Yet, across the world, the number of girls that are joining this sport is constantly growing. This is not surprising if we consider how much good it can do :from boosting confidence, to making friends for life, from encouraging gender equality to helping to build resilience, rugby is far from the violent sport that it can be confused with. Rugby is about being part of a welcoming community, it's about values, and above all, it's about having fun with a bunch of friends! At RCL we encourage girls to come and join our école. Until U14 they will be playing with boys and girls, learning the sport and how to become strong, resilent and confident. Help us spread the word ! Any girl interested in playing can join us for a free trial period and then decide if she likes it and wants to continue Contact info@rcl.lu
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Date of publication : 14/03/2022