Rugby Club Luxembourg U18s v Dreiborn RC

Rugby Club Luxembourg U18s v Dreiborn RC

RCL U18s took on a team from Dreiborn Centre socio-éducatif de l’État at Cessange on Wednesday evening 29th March.

In a ground breaking project the team from Dreiborn, who are not allowed to play in local school competitions (LASEP), trained for 6 weeks to play a demonstration match against RCL. Three RCL members work at the Youth Offenders centre near Womeldange and had been coaching the squad twice a week at Cessange in preparation for the match.

RCL started strongly, countered by a courageous and committed Dreiborn defence. Despite some sympathetic decisions from veteran Luxembourg referee Paolo Tarakdajan RCL kept their composure and led at half time. Dreiborn responded strongly in the second half cheered on by a vociferous crowd. Player K stormed over from 5 meters but the result was never in question.
After a short rest the teams were divided allowing the RCL and Dreiborn boys to play together. From this moment on the play started to flow with the experienced RCL players creating space for the Dreiborn players to express their passion and flare. Outstanding rucking from player B resulted in a deserved score for player J. Player K ,who has already been selected for the National U18s squad for the European Championships, scored his second try of the evening as the final whistle blew.

Head of school Stephan Mackel was delighted with the match and immediately offered RCL a re-match at Dreiborn.

RCL Development Officer Paul Sweetnam was equally pleased. “The boys who have completed this project have shown themselves to be disciplined, courageous, able to deal with disappointment, respectful and resilient. If I were we looking for potential employees these are the characteristics I would look for”.

RCL would like to the evening’s sponsors Alain Miltgen from Lalux and
RCL presented the Dreiborn boys with Rugby caps and certificates signed by the club president Fred Gabriel.

An unforgettable night for all who were there and a new fixture on the Luxembourg Rugby Calendar.

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