RCL President welcomes everyone to the 2015-16 season

RCL President welcomes everyone to the 2015-16 season

Welcome Everybody to the 2015-2016 Season

We start the season with a much needed and eagerly awaited artificial surface at Cessange and this will probably be officially handed over to us on Tuesday the 1st of September, almost 2 months earlier than the original predicted date, well done the Ville de Luxembourg!

Next goal …….. Clubhouse!!!!!

There have been numerous enquiries about what studs are allowed on the new surface and the simple answer is that players from Luxembourg must wear plastic studs, blades or mouldies, visitors have been told of the new rule and the VDL have given us a 1 season window to get the visiting teams to change, at the end of this season no metal studs at all will be allowed at Cessange.

With regards to this coming season, from what I hear all age groups are expecting good numbers of players and with over 60 senior players confirmed we should have no problem fulfilling our obligations to the 2nd and 3rd Bundesliga.

Very encouraging signs also from theU19 players getting involved with the preseason training and a number of those too old for U19 committing to the seniors for this season. Understandably many of those will be off to University this year, however they have confirmed that when they are back in Luxembourg they will make themselves available. Good work from Alex van Zeeland with the U19, they have entered 2 teams in the Belgian league this year.

Finally after so many years we have youngsters now going through the system and playing for the seniors, this is how a club should be and we need to keep pushing this going forward.

One area that needs help is the Touch section, Touch is a great way for both genders of any age to keep fit whilst having fun and we have the facilities and the people with drive and motivation available to make sure this section grows. We all need to keep this in mind and encourage people to give it a go, even if they have never played Rugby, it’s a sport for all.

Another big change this season is that Eirelux in Howald have kindly agreed to stock all the items RCL have for sale, this saves Liam, Martyn and whoever else carried the kit in the their car boots from having to do so. Vincent has allocated a room at the back of his shop and everything is neatly laid out ready for sale. If you need kit please head over there. The shop on the RCL website will only be for International orders from now on.

Wishing all RCL players, coaches and volunteers a successful and enjoyable season.

Best regards,

Dave Evans
RCL President

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