Out now: The March 2020 newsletter with all the dates for the upcoming games as well as the dates for the events in May, June and July.
Great news for our Seniors. In the first Lux Cup game in 10 years, RCL beat Walferdange 27:10 and remain Luxembourg Champion.
Congratulations also for all our young players. Top positions in the Belgian league for our U18, U16 and U14. Well done boys!!
RCL is looking for people who used to play rugby and would like to return to it. Or people who’d like to learn how to play; to join our “Not-so-serious / Fair Feather” team. During summer we’ll play 3 fun social games and would love to see more people join. Contact us if you’re interested.
We can’t thank our sponsors enough for supporting us and all those who are always there to help.
We hope to see you soon!