Saturday RCL hosted Worms in the regional league.

The match was officiated by Manu Angioni, assisted by Matt Fish and Veteran flag waver Paul Sweetnam.

RCL attacked early and within 5 minutes Angioni was in perfect position to award the try. RCL scored two more try’s but unfortunately Galeas’s conversions went between the corner flags but not the Rugby posts. Worms struck back just before half time, with Angioni’s unusual whistling technique signifying the try and, in turn, Fish’s flamboyant flag waving the successful conversion.

There was drama at half time when the buvette ran out of wraps so Sweetnam had to go to Aldi to buy more supplies. He had originally planned to go to Colruyt but thought the parking might be easier at the German supermarket. In the meantime Matt Welford took the flag and witnessed some more try’s from the RCL team sporting their new Canterbury shirts.

Tempers started to rise, but as soon as Sweetnam returned from the shops, in his 2003 Mercedes E series 270, an air of authority and calm returned. The match finished with a Splendid blow on the whistle from Angioni. The referee , in tight blue shorts, addressed both teams at the end congratulating them on a fine match.