RCL 2018 Fiji – Kenya Cultural Visit to Rugby Club Luxembourg – Appeal for donations.

RCL 2018 Fiji – Kenya Cultural Visit to Rugby Club Luxembourg – Appeal for donations.

Fijian-Kenyan student visit

As part of its community work Rugby Club Luxembourg is welcoming 6 or 7 foreign students to study, live, and play Rugby in the Grand Duchy for about 10 weeks in early 2018 – two of the boys live in Kibera, Africa’s largest township, in Nairobi Kenya (photo below) while the other 4/5 come from villages in Fiji.

Nairobi Kibera

The young players will stay with host families, study at local English language schools and attend local churches. They will be involved in a cultural visit so that Luxembourg students and RCL members can learn about their Rugby traditions, family backgrounds and daily lives in Fiji and Kenya. We want to send the boys back to their respective clubs with 250kg of Rugby equipment so their communities also benefit from the project. We have host families in place but seek help in funding the Flights (€9,500), Medical Insurance (€2,400), Training Equipment (€600), Warm Clothing (€800), Travel costs to school (€450), Food (€1,500), Excursions /activities (€1,750), Equipment to send back to their communities (+/- €2,500).  

All funds are paid into a dedicated social fund account of the club and any surplus will be used for future projects with refugees and youth offenders.

Donations to the student exchange can be made as follows:

Bank Transfer

IBAN: LU63 0019 2355 7051 7000


Please send funds to: [email protected]
Reference: “Fiji/Kenya Project Donation“

Crowd Funding

Please visit our page on GoFundMe.com

For more information please contact:

Paul Sweetnam
Development Officer
Email: [email protected]
Tel: +352 621 21 46 13

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