To book tickets, you will need to go through the following steps:

Note1: Unfortunately, the Ticket Booking Process is slightly cumbersome - we apologise for this in advance.


Note3: If any problems or issues please email 50@rcl.lu or call Tony Whiteman on +352 621164484

Note4: We are all volunteers so please be respectful.


  1. RCL Website Profile in CLUBEE.com - you will need to create a RCL Website Profile in the CLUBEE.com RCL system (you may already have one!)  - when you click the 'Signup' button below you will be taken to CLUBEE.com where you will create the profile or if you already have a profile you will go straight to the Gala Dinner Ticket Booking Process 
  2. After you have created the RCL Website Profile in CLUBEE.com you will then proceed to booking the Gala Dinner Ticket Booking Process
  3. When booking tickets, we need to collect various pieces of information to be able to allocate you in an appropriate area of the Gala Dinner seating plan (ie with the guys from the 70s or the U6/U8 Parents etc)
  4. Please enter the number of Seats you will book as this is then cross referenced with the Payment Package you choose and pay for.
  5. IMPORTANT WE COLLECT NAMES AND EMAILS: Please enter the name of each person you are booking for and their email (if you have it) as the names are used to print the seating plan and the email is used to email the ticket. Format should be: First Surname, abc@email.lu 
  6. Numbers of Seats - you will have the option to book a Table of 10 or specific numbers of Seats (ie if not booking a full table please book the number of seats you need and then you will be allocated to a table in your area - based on the information you have given)
  7. Price per ticket for Adults is EUR90 per person and U18/Students EUR50 per person (minimum age for attendance at the Gala Dinner is 16 years as at 10Jun2023) 
  8. After entering the various pieces of information you will then proceed to the step to select the Payment Package (èg: 1 Table Adults, 1 seat Adult, 1 seat U18/Student etc) - unfortunately only one Payment Package can be selected for each booking (ie if you want to book 2 tables you will need to book 2 separately - don't worry as we will ensure the tables are next to each other)
  9. Payment is collected on Credit Card

RCL 50th Anniversary Gala Dinner

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