The first annual Indoor rugby Flag tournament was held at EPND Ste Sophie on Saturday for Under 12s, with 10 teams participating representing the three rugby clubs and Ste Sophie school.

The school teams performed very well against the more experienced club players and, in the final placings, Ste Sophie VI with 19 tries scored during the 6 matches only missed overall victory by a solitary try against RCL ‘B’ with 20 tries in total. RCL ‘A’ also scored 19 times with Ste Sophie 6A and RCL’C’ a further try back on 18.

The two Walferdange teams were next on 17 and 16 each and CSCE ‘1’ on 15. The two youngest teams, CSCE ‘2’ and Ste Sophie CM2 both recorded 11 tries during the day and that was in both cases a meritorious performance.

Flag Rugby is played indoors with no contact and emphasis on the principles of play, notably continuity and evasive running. All teams played very well, highly competitive as would be expected at this age, and with a total of 164 tries scored within the two and a half hours play, the spectators were well entertained and impressed.

Next week will see the Under 10s compete in the same format with games commencing at 13:30 again.